A Local Recipe for Clean Water

Cement (16 kg)
River Sand (32 kg)
2 Standard Sizes of Crushed Stones:
12 mm (20 kg)
6 mm (20 kg)
One mold for cement (purchased or home-made)

This recipe was sent yesterday through GMAIL’s free text messaging service. Kebby sent it from Simango, probably in the one corner of his house where he has reception. He’s our man in Africa – I mean, the most servant-hearted person I know who lives in Simango and is helping us prepare for our upcoming time there. He also said that with this recipe it’s actually quite possible and economical to build our own water filters for the microfinance program. There was a training about a month ago – we funded 2 people who will be involved in the program’s leadership to attend – about how to start your own BioSand Filter program. I wasn’t quite sure what would come out of it.

This is good news– it looks like the training was a success.

So we can offer folks the opportunity to clean their own water – no matter how dirty it is, these things work quite well – in their own home. I was told by someone that it would cost $60 / filter. That may or may not be the right figure – probably a bit less based on Kebby’s latest text message.

And much more importantly, I think, everything can be purchased, found or made LOCALLY. So when we leave, the clean water stays.

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