Catching our breath

Can’t believe it’s March. We’ve been back to Lusaka (Tom is just returning from his 3rd visit), where we met with City Fruit and Vegetable of Lusaka- a vegetable wholesaler that has agreed to buy some of Simango’s produce in the coming dry season: 0.5 ton / week of peppers, 0.5 ton / week of corgettes (zuchini), and 0.5 to 1 ton / week of beet root. That should keep us gainfully employed for awhile and will probably amount to 1.5 hectares of irrigation from April through October. We hope to employ about 300 households on that land, with estimated profits of about $50 per year each – a healthy sum when average annual incomes are less than $300. Well, some of them will be paid in cash, and others will use that towards water improvements, but that’s the general idea.

We’ve been running around a lot the past few weeks. But are slowly making Simango home, complete with chickens and hopefully goats. Amalia and Nuria have been under the weather the past few days, and so we are praying for a complete restoration of their health. Certainly not the same out here with doctors hours away. But it increases, and tests, our faith. I didn’t sleep much last night, and am waiting for the car to come out of its 2-day repair that has somehow extended itself to 8 days so I can see how things are with Nuria who had a fever and a wheezing cough last night. Helpless would be a good word for it, but then again He is our help in these very times. A king who sends his servants in his name, gives his ring of authority to them and they walk in that authority. So help us to walk in that authority.

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