The experimental plotPreparing the first fieldExperimental Plot part 2<a

We have started planting the pepper seedlings in the field! The experimental plot is now full, and the field has started to be filled in as the community helps to prepare the soil and lay out the drip lines…

In a few weeks the field should be full of peppers. By June, we are hoping to plant beet root and zucchini as well on two or three other gardens.

2 thoughts on “Planting…

  1. Dawn D'Amato


    Your Mom was just here last night with Mason (bath and grooming) and she showed me the slide show of their trip to Zambia

    How exciting that your friends in the village will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables and perhaps increase their income. May the Lord bless your efforts.

    Neuria is beautiful!!!!

  2. Cindy Schueler

    Thank you for keeping me updated on your progress. I has been such a pleasure watching God’s hand in this project, and I’m praying for further success in the outcome of the plantings and your life in Zambia.


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