Planting #2

Here is another update from Miyanda. The “harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” seems to be an appropriate summary. They are now preparing and planting for the wet-season. This wasn’t the original plan, but the management has decided to do so, due to the need to catch up on financial goals. I would also highlight one thing – Miyanda plays a crucial role. He is the on-site project manager. If it weren’t for him, nothing would be progressing. But he’s taking a huge burden upon himself and I believe doing a remarkable job. I hope to tell him so next month when I come for a visit with the Rural Water Development course again.

So far we are done with preparing the church garden and planted about half a section each of green beans and okra, a section of tomato, quarter a section of cabbage, kale and egg plant, and a few lines of squash and water melon. At sibunimba we have planted a section of tomato and half a section of okra. We are yet to seed some onion, red pepper, rape and more of egg plant, kale and cabbage. As I mentioned earlier on we are aiming at having a diversity of crops put in at different times. For the squash we planted the light colored one just to see how it goes. Looking at the price of the other kind of squash it will require a higher selling to price to make profit, which we are not getting at the moment. For irrigation of the crop we have increased the concentration of the fertilizer in the tank by a factor of 1.2 and plan to give the crop light irrigations. These adjustments are to take into account of the rains. Irrigation of the crop will be mainly for the purpose of supplying nutrients to the crop.
Concerning labor for the gardens it has become more difficult to get people to work in the garden. We have been relying much on hired labor to get some tasks done. We have tried to do other tasks with the few people that come. The plan was for people to catch up on hours, unfortunately the response has not been very positive. For sibunimba David was saying he and his wife could take it upon themselves to work all day in the garden and you can decide on how to compensate his wife when you come.

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