Jan 24 Field Update

Here’s another update from Miyanda. Most of it is encouraging, but there is a report of theft from the Sibunimba village garden, with the garden manager involved as well. I hope we can resolve this quickly, as it certainly must be a discouragement to those who are honest. I will be there in about 4 weeks, so will need to address this as soon as I come.  Here’s the update from Miyanda:

“We have planted a number of crops since the last time I wrote to you. At sibunimba we have a half section of Rodade, a half section of Roma and a half section of Okra. At the church we have quarter a section of squash, thirds of sections of Okra, green beans, and cabbage, kale and egg plant combined, and two thirds of a section of tomato; Rodade, Cherry and Roma. Water melon was planted in section with Okra and Green been in a pattern that gives a spacing of 2m*1.2m. On the seed bed we seeded onion and some more tomato, cabbage, kale and egg plant.

The Bonarda that had remained in the Garden was damaged by late blight. We had to remove it to control the blight and prevent other crops from being damaged. Pepper has been doing too well since the onset of the rains; most of the fruit has been rotting before turning to its color. However, it does not look like a disease; it may just be failure of the old plants to adapt to the rain season.

Regarding theft at sibunimba garden the situation is a difficult one as David is one of those involved. He has been picking tomato from the garden and selling at his home. He even went to the extent of taking tomato to one of the shops so they could sell for him. Such an act betrays everyone’s efforts. The best we could do was counsel him as we look into other options. For now I think we should wait before putting out more crops at sibunimba. I hope things will improve.”


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