Update from the field

Now that Miyanda is here with us in Israel, Pastor Kebby is managing both the Church and the Sibunimba Village gardens. We sat together last month and came up with a strategy to keep the gardens working even though this is their off-season, since most people are in their fields until May. At this point, people are coming to make up for hours that they failed to work during the first season, in order to catch up on their work payments.

There are definitely management challenges remaining, but my last visit seemed to be an encouragement to the participants that the program is continuing. The most important part of the time was our meeting with the project participants and sitting down and reminding them about the goals: working to pay for their improved water source and their household technology of choice. Most have chosen treadle pumps, and the first delivery of 10 treadle pumps is already on its way to the village.

People working to make up their remaining hours, Sibunimba Village

Seedbeds, Church

Manure delivery

The rest of Kebby’s update is below:


Work is going on well and so far 10 households have joined already
working on their potions in preparation for transplanting.


People are working though they are very much concerned with the hours
than work. One day, we observed that some people were just coming to
dig a line from one end of the drip line to the other and then
register that they have done work. We advised the managers to record
the actual minutes worked.
We have also started buying manure and 20 drums have delivered to the
garden so far, see photos.


We held a meeting with the community; we resolved that a committee was
to be elected to manage the affairs of the garden. No single person
would be paid, we arranged to buy them tomato and rape enough for a
sized potion due to downing level of water.

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