Zambian Partners

One option for moving forward with the project next year is to find a group already doing similar work that could be our partners. I’ve been encouraged to look into that direction by several people already as I’ve spoken with Nonprofit lawyers, and other people involved with the project. It’s much easier for an organization to get on their feet slowly through an “incubation” period.

Interestingly, here’s the latest update from Pastor Kebby in Simango:

“We received 10 treadle pumps on 19/04/12…

Adam, we had a meeting with overland mission on Monday as arranged….
After a long sitting discussion, we went to
see the Church and Sibunimba gardens. The meeting was attended by
representatives from the three gardens including Simakalanga.

They (OM) have put us on their programme of growing some crops for
them. We expected to grow about 5000 to
6000 [plants of each crop] (squash, green beans and peppers). They give
their own seeds; we have no problem with that. We even paid the part
payment for the seed. They left 40g of squash which have planted
yesterday in one section. They are happy to work with us, we gave them
your email address, hope they have contacted by now.”

We were in touch with OM last year, as they are based in Livingstone and do very similar work, promoting irrigated gardening and even organizing markets for the produce.

More on this group HERE

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