My research

I’m beginning the final year of my doctoral research at the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev

The title of my Thesis is:

“Decision Support System for assessing full cost recovery of water development in rural Africa”

As part of this research effort, I am developing an Excel® program that compares all feasible water improvement options on the horizon of possibilities for any given rural community, and finds the optimal one given various policy objectives. These objectives rely upon the principle of coupling these costs with revenue through irrigation of high-value produce.

1) Cost Effectiveness – Finding the minimum cost for any given water improvement goal

2) Cost Recovery – Finding scenarios that enable cost recovery through user demand (willingness to pay or work).

3) Maximizing Returns – Finding the maximum net benefit (from a community perspective) through irrigation

I will use this program to determine how various parameters (hydrological, meteorological, agronomic, economic, and even social) affect the cost recovery performance of water improvement efforts.

This is the presentation that accompanied my doctoral proposal defense (March, 2010) that you can Download Here


Yale Presentation in Powerpoint form, for a presentation I gave at the Unite for Sight Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale in late April, 2012.

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