Here are links to the latest project-related videos:

The latest project video (7 minutes)


An overview of the Water Sampling that we did with the Rural Water Development course in July 2011 and February 2012.

Rural Water Development Course, July 2011

This 21-minute video was made by Assaf and Amber, two Israeli graduate students who came to Zambia with the RWD course with Prof. Noam Weisbrod in July, 2011.

The Local Partners – Future Hope Church and Pastor Kebby Lyanapu

This 8 minute interview with Kebby, done in late 2009, outlines the vision of the local church to serve their own community. Part of our vision is to empower Kebby to reach his own goals. It’s also nice to see the big pile of bricks that were made by the members of the church, which were used to construct the guest house on the church’s land where we lived for most of 2011.

The Mutoka River Miracle, 2009

Worst decision of my life, but God answers prayer – we were stranded in the river for hours, and slowly, slowly slowly the water level went down, and we were home in Simango by dark.

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